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Some Holiday Gifts

Well the holiday season is here, and what better way to celebrate than with some big updates to some of our most popular apps? Here’s what’s new:

PhotoCaddy v1.4
- New category for the holiday season – Christmas! There’s plenty of tips in there now for how to take great photos of Christmas lights, decorations, and even family.
- Category re-arrangement – there were a few categories that didn’t quite fit in, so we’ve added a new Miscellaneous section. Here you’ll find all the odds and ends that don’t fit in anywhere else (like Christmas).
- News section – now it’s even easier to keep up to date with all the latest news from PhotoCaddy, right within the app. Look out for some random tips in there, as well.

MyMoodTracker v2.2
- Stress Tracking – this often requested feature is finally here.
- Updated fully with high resolution retina graphics, so now the app looks gorgeous an iPhone4 displays.
- Sun lamps have been added to the medication section.
- A convenient Notes Log, so you can view all your notes in one spot.
- News section – just like PhotoCaddy, there’s now an easy way to keep track of what’s happening in the world of MyMoodTracker.
- Other minor improvements, such as accessibility for blind users, ability to hide the menstrual cycles section, and better export functionality.

PhotoCaddy HD v1.1
Four big new categories:
- Moon – taking photos at night presents enough challenges, but the moon is particularly tough as it’s such a bright light source
- Macro – enter the world of the insects and flowers. There’s no end of fun to be had with macro photography.
- Caving – taking your camera underground will give you some really unique photographs.
- Indoor Sports – notoriously difficult due to poor lighting and fast action, we’ve got a few tips to help out.

Enjoy folks, and happy holidays!

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