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Sneak Peak of MyMoodTracker v2.1

MyMoodTracker has always been one of my favourite applications to work on. Users seem to really love the app, and get very vocal about their needs and wants. When a bug was introduced a few months ago that prevented some people from using the app properly, I got a lot of emails – which I take as a great sign that people out there really care about this application. Even though I’d rather the whole situation hadn’t happened, I was overwhelmed with the positive feedback and that just drove me to work on it harder.

Today I want to give a bit of a sneak peak on the upcoming features of MyMoodTracker v2.1. There’s two major components which have been added to the app, which are Exercise Tracking and Menstrual Cycle Tracking – two of the most requested features. Exercise Tracking will allow users to select an activity (eg. running), and how long they carried out the activity, as well as how much they felt they exerted themselves. Exercise can have a vast affect on your mood, and this will be a great addition to the toolbox. The other major feature, Menstrual Cycle Tracking, will naturally only be useful to half the population, but again, it can have a vast affect on mood and is well worth keeping track of.

There’s also a whole bunch of smaller, but just as useful, additions. These things include medication reminders, improvements to medication tracking, new medication dosage types, better charts, improved backup reliability, and we’ve also made it easier to edit your previous entries – yup, we’ve been busy!

Here’s a couple of teaser screenshots to get you excited. Once Apple approves the app, we expect it to be available sometime around October 15th, 2010.

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