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PhotoCaddy released for Android

I love my iPhone, and I love all things iOS, but sometimes it’s good to share. We’ve quietly been spending some time here at Aspyre getting one of our most popular applications ready for Android. So, today we are proud to announce that PhotoCaddy for Android is now available!

PhotoCaddy is a wonderful tool for beginning and intermediate photographers, providing tips and advice for over 50 different situations you might find yourself in. It also includes what settings to put your camera on for each category, as well as access to hundreds of tips from users around the world. If you feel up to it, you can even share a few of your own tips.

If you’re an Android user, we’d love to get your feedback as this our first foray into the Market. Of course, if you’re an iOS user, PhotoCaddy is also available for you too.


  1. Hi,

    I would like to purchase the PhotoCaddy app for my new Android phone. I had the app for my old iphone and loved it. It was one of my most used apps! I tried to find it on the mobile Android Market and it didn’t show up. I then went back to the Android Market website on my laptop where I tried to purchase it. Unfortunately it says it is not compatible with my new phone (HTC Desire S). Could you tell me if you have any plans to update this app so it would be possible to run it on this handset?


    James Partridge

    • Hi James – apologies for the very slow reply! Somehow I missed your comment. The app was updated recently and should now be compatible with your phone.


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