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Photo Academy – How To Shoot…

I’m really enjoying putting this app together, and wanted to share a few bits and pieces with you before it get’s released. Over the next few weeks I’m planning on putting up a few posts like this to go over certain sections of the app. So, let’s get started!

One of the key features of the app will be the “How to Shoot…” section. This part of the app is all about how to take better photos of a particular photography subject. As an example, one of the topics within the app is “Aquariums”.

In this topic, there’s a range of tips covering camera settings, equipment, tips on shooting in low light, and advanced techniques. Each of these tips is written specifically with aquarium photography in mind. Most of the tips also include a photo to illustrate the tip, and what settings to put your camera on when you want to give it a try. That’s just for Aquariums – there’s currently over 70 topics.

My long term goal is to cover just about everything you’d ever think of pointing your camera at in great detail – new topics will be released regularly and made available to users of the app. I truly feel that this targeted way of learning about a particular topic can result in some really great photos, and you don’t need to be a pro to take advantage of it.

Next time, I’ll tell you all about the Shoot Diary (my favourite feature).


  1. Sounds like one cool app I’ll buy.

    • Thanks! I look forward to having you as a customer :-)

  2. sounds like a great app. definitely worth buying! how is this different from photo caddy?

    • Good question! PhotoCaddy is more of a quick reference guide, something to look at and remind yourself before you go out to shoot. Photo Academy on the other hand goes much more in depth. It’s got a lot more content (thousands of photos & tips), and really gets down into the details. For example, in PhotoCaddy there are a couple of sport categories, where as Photo Academy has a whole section dedicated just to sport (with numerous categories inside that section).

  3. definitely buying this… i just hope it will be out soon before i get my hands on the 5D MkII later this month. :)

    • App has been submitted to Apple for review, as long as everything goes alright in the review it shouldn’t be long now! Nice camera choice by the way…


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