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MyMoodTracker 3.0

I’m very pleased to announce that Apple recently approved the update to MyMoodTracker 3.0, and it is now available from the AppStore. Although this app has seen many updates in the past, this is definitely the biggest change between versions – the graphics have had a complete overhaul, there’s a tonne of improvements and bug fixes, and some nice new features as well.

One of the nicest changes is the opening screen of the app – recording your current mood. Not only does it have a much better look, but the background also changes to match your mood:

The chart is one of the most often used sections of the app, so I think it was only right that this got the royal treatment as well. Not only does the chart now load a lot quicker, there’s also some new options for changing between a bar and a line chart, adjusting time period (eg. by hour, day, month etc), and turning pretty much any part of the chart off, allowing you to really focus on what’s important. Oh, and it looks really pretty, too!

Current users of MyMoodTracker will know that the app is not just about tracking how you are feeling, it’s also about tracking those things that can have such an effect on your mood. Sleep, medication, exercise, stress, and menstrual cycles are all currently available, and there’ll be some new things to track an upcoming update.

Finally, the last section I’d like to mention is the Tools area, as there’s a few very important features here. One of the most important things when looking at your mental health is to really get an idea of how you are feeling over a period of time, which means remembering to record this information. This is where Reminders come in, popping up an alert at any time that you specify. Once you’ve entered some data, you’ll surely want to keep it away from prying eyes – so you can set up a PIN code so that only you have access to the app. Finally, this data will become very important to you over time, so it’s a good idea to take advantage of our Cloud Sync service – store your data safely, securely, and privately, all in the cloud.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little look into version 3.0. I’m really proud of this release, and the feedback that’s been coming in so far has been overwhelmingly positive. So thank you, and enjoy!

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