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MyMoodTracker 3.0 Preview

It’s been a long time since the first version of MyMoodTracker was released. Looking back, it’s almost comical how limited that first version was compared to where the app stands today. Thanks to vast amounts of feedback I’ve received the app has now grown into a powerful tool for monitoring and analyzing your mental state. There’s still many more features I’m planning on adding, and the many positive emails I receive is a strong motivator for getting these features completed.

So, for all you loyal followers, I wanted to give an early preview of what the next version will look like. This is going to be a major release, perhaps the largest in the history of MyMoodTracker, and one that I hope will better reflect the nature of the app. Much more than just a visual overhaul, many things have been streamlined and improved to make it easier to focus on what you really want the app to do. There’ll also be some new items to track, and a much improved chart.

I hope you enjoy the screenshots and as always, if you have any feedback I’d love to hear it.

MyMoodTracker 3.0 will arrive in May 2011.

Update: Life has been catching up with me recently so I haven’t had as much time to work on this update as I’d like to. Therefore, we’re now currently looking at a June release. Rest assured that everything is coming together well, but I’m a firm believer in trying to get everything right before release.


  1. How secure is your cloud sync capability? What type of security do you use when syncing? for storage? do you examine the stored data? for statistical purposes? Is there a way for me to sync/store my own data locally?

    • Hi Kathleen, thanks for your interest. The cloud sync feature is run through a secure web service. This is hosted on a single server which can only be accessed by me. Currently the data is stored unencrypted, but it is protected by two layers of passwords. The reason it is stored unencrypted is that from time to time, it is helpful to view a particular user’s data in order to track down bugs. This is the only time the data is ever viewed, and this is only done with consent from the user. Any data stored absolutely has not, and will never be, used for statistical or research purposes.

      I may add a level of encryption at some point in the future, but for the moment my main priority is ensuring that data is kept safe and intact. If you wish to store your own data locally, you can utilize the Export feature within the app, and the backup feature within iTunes.

  2. Looks pretty! I know I’ve recommended the app to many people, I’m excited about the update.

    • Thanks Meira! I’m excited about it too :-)

  3. Any chance you’re adding hunger tracking to v3? I love your app for tracking but really want to track hunger.


    • Hi Amy – it probably won’t make it to v3.0, but it’s definitely on my list of things to do. Look out for it soon!

  4. Hi Ben, I just wanted to tell you that your app has actually changed my life. I have bipolar disorder and I am slowly able to reveal this to people, but only when it matters (for example, if someone is struggling with their own mood or a loved one’s mood, then I can relate.) Anyhow, I know it is no one’s business whether or not I have bipolar disorder and I know it doesn’t matter that I have it. It’s just that I wish I could break down the barriers for people that suffer from mood disorders. I am getting there…slowly.

    So the original point of my post was just to say how wonderful this app is. It does EVERYTHING I have been trying to track for years but had no success because it was just too time consuming and a headache. Now, it’s easy. There are 2 reasons why this app has been so helpful. First, it allows me to see what the triggers are to my mood shifts and second…due to the export feature I can bring directly to my doctor. Ta-da! Easy.

    I am very happy to see you are updating. My 2 suggestions: in chart mode, can you please “connect the dots” so to speak so that it doesn’t look like your mood has gone to zero when there are gaps in the data; and second, is there any way to make the spreadsheet feature more reader friendly? For example, I tweaked it in excel and actually made my own printable graph. If you could build that in, you would be my hero.

    Some might say I have too much time on my hands. To use a trite analogy, this app is to me as insulin is to a diabetic.

    In closing, I would like to say simply…thank you :)

    • Hi Victoria – wow, thanks for sharing! It’s great to hear the app is having such a positive influence on your life.

      For your first suggestion, I’m planning on changing the chart for this next version. Most likely, it will be a bar chart rather than a line chart. I think this makes more sense, and will remove the problem of connecting the dots.

      As for the spreadsheet feature, I do hear what you are saying – it’s a difficult problem to solve I’m afraid. There probably won’t be any changes for this next version, but I’ll definitely keep it in mind for future development.

  5. I too have bipolar and my docs love this app as much as I do. It’s so easy to keep track of things. The only thing I wish could be changed is the sleep tracker. With having bipolar I suffer insomnia and the hours slept isnt a true refection of when I’m sleeping. Apart from that I have a very detailed mood chart which is imperative for my psychiatrist to have and allows him to see my rapid cycling patterns easily. Can’t wait for the new one. Thank you sooooo much!!!

    • Hi Kathy, thanks for kind words! You’ll be pleased to hear the sleep area of the app is much improved in the next version – you’ll be able to properly specify when you went to sleep and when you woke up, and this will be reflected on the graph, as well.

      • Oh that is awesome Ben!! Can’t wait to use the new one. There’s just nothing like it in any other app that is supposedly a mood tracker. Believe me I’ve tried them all. The impact your app has on my life is beyond words and I thank you for all your work that makes my life just that bit easier to deal with.

        • Great to hear Kathy :-)

  6. Hi Ben, Kathy and Victoria couldn’t have put it better, and this app means to world to me too!! I have a very complicated mood story, and I feel that no one will value this app as much as people who have really suffered. And I can proudly say that you are helping where it truly matters :)

    Ben, some advice: I don’t know if you really market your app but you really must, to psychiatrists, people who suffer from bipolar, depression, even people undergoing drug withdrawal etc. Mood is the most mysterious and unfortunately also the most deceptive concept, hard data can be very revealing.

    Now for one suggestion: I feel that if you could built a section where one can build, track and monitor different MEASURES, it would be just fantastic. After a few years of using and thinking about how to interpret the mood data that I very religiously (every hour) record, I have come up with some ratios and measures, etc to make sense of data. But I do this only once in 2-3 months and would love to have them handy. A few I can think of:
    1] Counts: To have counts of how many times you recorded say 4 or 5 or 6. You can see this for the previous week, month, etc. A table where I can see the counts with the mood rating on one axis and the months/weeks/years on another would be ideal
    2] Ratios: Maybe you can devise your own ratios through a simple formula builder. for eg – The most important ratio for me is ‘no. of entries 7 and above’/ ‘no. of entries 6 and below’. This ratio can also be put on a table/chart as the previous one.

    Graphs are good as a glimpse, but to make conclusions about your mood such sort of processed info would be beautiful. Is it too complicated?

    • Thanks! I’m blown away by the positive feedback from all of you, thanks so much.

      I haven’t done much (any) marketing yet, but I do plan to once this new update is released. I want to give it a bit more of a professional feel to it before trying to get it out into the world a bit more.

      I’ve thought about doing some form of statistics screen at some stage, and I think what you’ve suggested would provide a good basis. I’ve saved your suggestion on my list, look out for it in a future version one day :-)

  7. Hello and thankyou for the handwork. I have defiantly loved using the program.

    What I think that would make it a “no contest” over the imposters is…



    • Hi there,

      Thanks for the great suggestions. Two items I hadn’t thought of. I really like the voice memos idea. I’m putting both of those on my list for a future version.

  8. Like everyone else I want to thank you for developing this App. It’s been really helpful to try to track trends in my depression to look for patterns.
    A few suggestions/votes:
    1) could you make it possible to adjust what the alert/reminder says. I hesitate to set reminders because it shows it’s about mood/medication and what if I step away from my phone while someone is near it?
    2) can you make it so a person can select more than 1 mood & medication at one time? I know I can just wait a minute and create a separate entry, but I’m regularly taking 3 meds together in the AM and two together in the PM. I also often feel more than one way at once – ie sad and angry. I’m incredibly forgetful (concerned it’s the medication) so having to do multiple entries means I’m more likely to get distracted and forget
    3) can you add more sizes of pill icons? – ie small and large – I take multiple white tablets
    4) can you make the mood number scale optional (ie have setting where I can set sad as 3 etc) or make the number thing more prominent or have it request I confirm if I want to keep it at “5″. I know it’s mostly that I’m a space cadet, but 1/2 the time I dont see or forget To adjust the number scale, so I end up editing &guessing based on emoticons
    5) add a setting or option for time outdoors – I generally mark it under medication if I remember
    6) I second the hunger tracker. Lots of times I have no appetite. Or other times I get intense sugar cravings which don’t help. I wouldn’t bother with a whole diet trackerbut something to rate scale of hunger, food cravings, drinks would be good.
    7) it’d be nice if when we click the app we could see little icons of the various trackers instead of defaulting to the mood page. There’s a lot of stuff I forget to track, such as exercise b/c it’s hidden. Maybe this could be a customized thing -what default page

    Anyway, I know that’s a tall order/wish list and you probably can’t do all the above. The app is, so far the only tracking mechanism I can stick to, so it’s probably me trying to gild the lily.
    Thanks again for such a great app and I agree with the earlier commentor who said you should market it to doctors. If you even made a PDF brochure available describing features, I’m sure folks like me would print it out to give to their docs.

    • Hi Ellen,

      Wow, thanks for the great list of suggestions. I won’t address them all but know that they have been noted! I’ll see what I can do :)

  9. Not bad for a mood tracking app. Easy to use, but the look is too childish.
    Would like to see:
    -ate a healthy meal
    -ate an unhealthy meal
    (Faces are too general)
    -headache (average & severe)
    -stomachache (average& severe)
    -icon for 1/2 pill

    • Hi there,

      I agree that the current look is not the best, which is the point of this new release. I hope that it brings a better look to the app without becoming too clinical.

      As for your suggestions, some of them are already in the works and I’ve noted the others. Thanks for your input!

  10. Hi Ben, I suffer from clinical depression. This app has really helped me, and my therapist. It let’s him see how my moods have changed, and it actually helped him diagnos me with bi-polar. So I am very thankful! I think one of the next updates you should introduce different color schemes so we could personalize it. (:

    • Glad to hear the app is so useful for you Wesley! The app will be looking a lot different once the next version comes out – perhaps after that I can start to think about themes :-)

  11. I have to say I agree with all of the positive comments I’ve read thus far- I too have a complicated psych history including mood disorders, learning disorders and possibly (pending further evaluation) a tic disorder and I’ve found this app to be so incredibly useful. I use this app more consistently than any other on my iPhone (and I’m a junkie). I’m looking forward to this and future updates- thanks for your hard work!

    • Thanks for the kind words Lindsay. I’m so pleased the app can be of such a great help to so many. Look out for the next version, not far away now!

  12. I can’t wait for the new release! I’ve been using your program for over a year with good success. I find the facial descriptions/definitions very helpful. I utilize the notes more than anything to track my moods over time.

    I too would love to see a revised pill program. I’m tapering off some of my meds (and some I take PRN in varying doses). The current system is not too friendly to me. And I know that I’m not the only one facing this situation!

    • Shouldn’t be long now Michelle – the release has been a bit delayed but I’ve now sent it out to the testers, so just awaiting feedback from them before I release it to the rest of you.

      I do have plans at some point to put in some form of medication scheduler – it’s probably a while away from being done as there’s some other higher priority things at the moment, but I agree it’s a great idea!

  13. Is there anyway to make it automatically fill in meds for each day? Also would be nice if the app had a website to enter the data through in case you don’t have your phone. Or a place to print or email the actual charts not just the excel spread sheet.

    • Hi Tiffany, no automatic fill in at the moment, I do plan to add some some of feature along these lines but haven’t found the time for it yet. To be honest it will be a little while before it happens, as I have some other higher priority items on my list first.

      I also have plans to make a website, probably a read-only version for simpler sharing of data (eg. with your doctor). I’ll keep your suggestions in mind, thanks!

  14. This is an awesome app I use it daily and can’t really find anything wrong with it except for one little thing when I go to export history to my email address I don’t receive anything at the other end. Am i doing something wrong?

    • Hi Zoe, glad you like the app! If you could send us a support email (either from the Contact page here, or from within the app in the Info section), we’ll help you track down the problem.


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